About AD-NTS™

The Alzheimer's Diet - Nutrition Tracking System (AD-NTS™) Alzheimer's Universe edition (www.AlzU.org/join) will help:
- Organize and understand brain-healthy dietary patterns
- Track progress over time
- Communicate and share information with healthcare providers.

The AD-NTS will allow you to record and track information on nutritional intake, body markers (like weight and blood pressure), laboratory results, medications, vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle activities (like physical and mental exercise).

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The AD-NTS will walk you through the 9-Week Diet plan outlined in The Alzheimer's Diet by Drs. Isaacson and Ochner, and also include week-by-week tracking metrics such as recording of favorite brain-healthy snacks and meals, as well as challenges and solutions.

Customized reports can be printed or emailed, which help track progress and make it easy to communicate information at doctor's visits and nutrition consultations.

The first time you use AD-NTS, you will be guided through a series of introductory questions and asked for information related to health status, recent laboratory results (like cholesterol levels) and current medications. Users can get this information by contacting their treating physician's office and asking for copies of their recent lab results.